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Noise-free image — it’s easy! Filter «Video codec artefact removal»

Preview 16.03.2016

Module designation: the coding results in noise and interference on the image. The module helps remove noises and smoothen the image. This is an important function since on a noisy image the interference may become a source of false motions and, consequently, a source of false sensor triggering. Also, noise and interference hinder the operation of a tracker (the tracker may stop tracking the object), and complicate object identification (decreased identification accuracy.)

Problem solving method: The filter is designed for restoring the quality of the video taken from DVD (for example, when 4 hours of video are recorded on it), VideoCD, shot by a mobile phone or after video codecs DivX, XviD, H.26x (H.261, H.263, H.264). Neat blocking artefact removal is performed, which is reflected in splitting of compressed video frames into squares.

The filter automatically determines the blocking level in each part of the square, and the result stores maximum details of the original video. Special blocking criteria guarantee accurate operation of each component of pre-processing and deblocking in case of both strong and barely perceptible blocking. So, in the same movie, at a scene with slow motion (almost blocking-free) the filter will operate minimally, while at scenes with heavy motion it will work at its full capacity.