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We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to equip their facilities complex. Now you can purchase from us a full range of CCTV equipment.

We have worked out a special program for our partners and now we can offer you an unprecedented favorable terms of delivery, if the amount of equipment in the order corresponds exactly to the number of purchased licenses for our software.

Thus, we offer you the most effective and efficient delivery of the schema associated with a minimum of resources, through a single channel – your manager in our company. You can get comprehensive advice on the selection of equipment you need for the best possible equipment at your facilities manager. To place an order you can contact your manager.

We appreciate that you have chosen to cooperate with us and we sincerely hope that in future this cooperation will only grow stronger.

Our company provides free technical support to all users of intelligent software IVISET.

You may ask any question regarding installation, setup or operation of the software to our technical support specialists.

You may use the feedback form or any other method convenient to you.

We are interested in our partners’ being fully aware of all capabilities and peculiarities of IVISET software, so that they could satisfy the demands of their customers at the highest possible level.

For this purpose, we conduct trainings and seminars not only at the company’s headquarters, but also at its branches, which gives a chance to visit training to anyone who wants to. If you cannot visit the seminar for some reason, its video is available at our web-site and on YouTube.

We also, on a regular basis, update training and information materials necessary for more detailed familiarization with IVISET software, its additional modules and features.

The main thing for us is professionalism in all spheres, this is why we pay great attention to increasing the knowledge level of our partners.

It is very important that out target audience timely receives information about releases of new versions and modules of the product. For this purpose, we make a series of arrangements: distribute news, articles and press releases at our site, distribute materials, provide the partners with polygraphic materials to be used at exhibitions.

Beginning to work with us, you may be sure that we exert maximum efforts to make our product popular and the make our brand recognizable.

Regular marketing programs and events for sales promotion, arranged jointly with the partners, help us building strong and durable cooperation with the best companies in the security systems and video surveillance market.

If you want do discuss cooperation with IVISET, please, fill in the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you want to discuss options for cooperation with IVISET, please fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.


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