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«People identification and counting by face» — a new level of video analytics

Preview 10.07.2016

The face recognition module is usually used for the tasks of control and access management. Thanks to the use of a neural network, the highest accuracy of people identification is achieved when installing the camera at any angle, which is impossible in the most other systems.

The face detector operates as follows: the sensor, at regular intervals, scans the face motion area. For smoothness of displaying, face tracking is performed at set intervals.

This module is capable of solving complex video analytics situations. Consider a specific example.

In a shop it is necessary to perform motion detection recording and people counting, but there are some complexities: the shops ceiling is very low (2.3 meters), due to which fact it is impossible to mount the camera on the ceiling and direct it downwards — people’s images are too large (1 person almost occupies the whole frame).
Possible way out — installing the camera at an angle. Yet, the problems persist.

The shop’s door is made of glass and leads to a street with a driveway. Passing by cars and pedestrians are seen through it. Near the shop’s entrance there are trees that create continuous play of light during wind gusts. All these result in a lot of false triggering of a regular motion sensor. The situation is further aggravated by reflections from the glass and the mirror hanging on it. Hence, the use of a standard motion detector is also impossible.


We suggest record start and entering people counting by faces. This option is optimal since the people that entered the shop will leave it sooner or later. And if it is necessary to calculate the time of a person’s staying inside the shop, a second camera may be installed.