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Intelligent analysis of video using module «Moving objects counting»

Preview 10.11.2015

Module «Moving objects counting» is being developed for IVISET intelligent software.

Moving objects counting is based on a crossing detector. The line crossing detector is a sensor that triggers when an object crosses a virtual line within the video camera’s field of vision.

Such a module is not only useful for controlling the system’s operability, but also allows decreasing the operator’s workload by several times. For example, one operator is quite capable of controlling a perimeter over 10 km, while dealing with other things until the alarm signal triggers.

IVISET software module detects the fact of and counts crossings of the line by a moving area. For accurate detection of the fact of crossing, tracking of the identified object is used (tracking of the moving area. It links the chain of frames. Thanks to this action, the video analytics module knows that the motion is performed by the same object. It also allows understanding the history and the nature of the object’s motion). Such an algorithm is the most efficient and quickest option of the object counting systems.