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«Spherical warp removal» — the picture shows only regular shapes!

Preview 12.08.2016

A new module is being developed for IVISET — «Spherical warp removal».

Designation: some types of cameras have a spherical warp problem due to the lens operation. The image from such a camera is heavily warped, which results in incorrect assessment of the size of the objects within the camera’s field of vision, as well as of the distance to them. Curves appear at the edges of the picture (frame), which, respectively, warps the image. These warps interfere with the operation of identification and tracking detectors. Warped shape of the object is the main reason of object identification errors.

Problem solving method: The warped frame edges should be equalized along the top and bottom frame boundaries, thus equalizing the image. The frame edges that fall beyond the equalization boundaries are cut off.

Сравнение фото машин2