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Fisheye camera image transformation module is announced

Preview 08.08.2016

In the near future, IVISET software will be supplemented with a module that processes spherical images from Fisheye cameras and transforms it into a panoramic one or divides it into several standard image windows.

Designation: wide view angle (180°) allows doing with one camera instead of several cameras looking at different directions. The image from such a camera has a shape of a circumference, in the center of which the warp is minimal, but the farther from the center the greater.

Displaying on a small screen of a wide view angle image results in small size of important details, which naturally affects the operation of motion sensors, object and face identification systems etc., and the operator loses spatial reference (if such a camera is ceiling-mounted) and cannot correctly identify a certain person or event.

Problem solving method: the image from such a camera, depending on the option of its installation, is transferred to a special filter that projects it on a cylinder. During projecting, proportions of all objects are equalized. The resulting image becomes spatially oriented.