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Stay informed about the status of module “Motion detector”

Preview 08.06.2015

The motion detector module allows detecting a moving object that falls within the camera’s field of vision and simultaneously activating the event video recording function or sending a signal to the security console. Thus, the free space of data storages is saved, namely of the hard disk, memory card and flash stick. In the perimeter security systems, the disk space and network traffic saving amounts to tens or thousands times depending on the traffic of the controlled areas.

At the same time, the moving area tracking function has been implemented, which links the chain of frames. Thanks to this action, the video analytics module knows that the motion is performed by the same object, and the history and the nature of the objects’ motion is tracked.

Operating principle:

The background image is removed from the video stream. Using the neural network, motion areas are identified and analyzed, which results in the highest identification accuracy with low noise sensitivity. The result is transferred to the video analytics modules.