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«People counting» — intelligent module IVISET

Preview 22.04.2016

The people counting module is usually used in shops, supermarkets and malls. Using this function, it is possible to assess the efficiency of trade premises operation, determine the most advantageous zones of the site, reveal weak tenants and increase efficiency of advertising campaigns.

This module will simplify monitoring of the general people traffic, buyers counting, assessment of convenience of the outlet position and taking into account the change in the buyers’ demand.

The module is implemented as follows: the software identifies the fact of and counts crossings of the line by moving objects of classes “face” and “person” in the motion area. For accurate identification of the fact of crossing, tracking of identified object is used.

The people counting module is based on the line crossing detector. In a classic case, the detectors operation is fully dependent in how well the motion sensor (detector) has identified the area. The area size is influenced by shadows: a usual motion detector, without shadow removal, identifies the overall dimensions 2-3 times greater than the actual ones. Iviset eliminates this problem via shadow removal.

However, this counting method has a drawback: it is not universally applicable. For example, a person with a cart or a big bag will be counted as 2 persons (or more).
Specially for this, Iviset has an in-built identification of moving object types, and in this case only the objects of the set category are counted.