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Image heat analysis with IVISET module «Heat map»

Preview 06.08.2016

The main purpose of the image heat analysis module is ensuring adequate level of security. There are two activity identification methods: dynamic and static.

In the first case, a color scale is laid over the video, and each moving object leaves a “trail” that acquires colder hues with time. Presence of “hot” zones means that there was an activity in a set area recently, which allows detecting the moving object even if it has already left the camera’s vision field.

The second heat map-based detection method is accumulation of “heat indices” in certain parts of the image. Apart from ensuring security, the analysis of “cold” and “hot” zones allows optimizing the good’s layout in a shop, better arranging exhibits at an exhibition, defining popular areas of an object etc.

In IVISET software, the heat map operation mechanism is realized based on the difference of frames.