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  • 06.10.2015

    High stability, extended functional — meet the new ...

    New: Hunter equipment is integrated (except motion detection), video capture delay is reduced, file rewind in the single archive view mode is fixed.

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  • 08.06.2015

    Stay informed about the status of module ...

    The motion detector module allows detecting a moving object that falls within the camera’s field of vision and simultaneously activating the event video recording function or sending a signal to the security console.

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  • 28.04.2015

    Participation in exhibition MIPS-2015

    In Moscow ended the 21st international exhibition MIPS-2015 “Protection, security and fire safety”, devoted to the current issues of adopting and implementing security systems. This year, over 430 companies from ... Read more

  • 06.02.2015

    Beta-version of IVISET is being tested

    Open beta-testing of video surveillance software IVISET starts. Everyone is welcome to cooperate!

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