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  • 01.10.2016

    «DEFOG» — no noise from now on!

    Development of “DEFOG. Fog removal” module is underway for intelligent software IVISET.

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  • 11.09.2016

    Seeing the main thing: no-interest zone hiding module

    It is often the case when the camera’s image area catches objects that are of no interest, yet interfere with the operation of the video analytics modules. This module will help avoid identification errors in such cases.


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  • 12.08.2016

    «Spherical warp removal» — the picture shows only ...

    Some types of cameras have a spherical warp problem due to the lens operation. Warped shape of the object is the main reason of object identification errors.

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  • 08.08.2016

    Fisheye camera image transformation module is ...

    In the near future, IVISET software will be supplemented with a module that processes spherical images from Fisheye cameras and transforms it into a panoramic one or divides it into several standard image windows.

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  • 06.08.2016

    Image heat analysis with IVISET module «Heat map»

    The main purpose of the image heat analysis module is ensuring adequate level of security.

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  • 10.07.2016

    «People identification and counting by face» — a new ...

    The face recognition module is usually used for the tasks of control and access management. Thanks to the use of a neural network, the highest accuracy of people identification is achieved when installing the camera at any angle, which is impossible in the most other systems.

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  • 22.04.2016

    «People counting» — intelligent module IVISET

    The people counting module is usually used in shops, supermarkets and malls. Using this function, it is possible to assess the efficiency of trade premises operation, determine the most advantageous zones of the site, reveal weak tenants and increase efficiency of advertising campaigns.

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  • 16.03.2016

    Noise-free image — it’s easy! Filter «Video ...

    The module helps remove noises and smoothen the image. This is an important function since on a noisy image the interference may become a source of false motions and, consequently, a source of false sensor triggering.

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  • 07.02.2016

    Clear boundaries, exact shapes

    The shadow removal module allows unambiguously defining where the object’s boundaries end and its shadow begins.

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  • 10.11.2015

    Intelligent analysis of video using module «Moving ...

    IVISET software module detects the fact of and counts crossings of the line by a moving area.

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